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Words to Start an Essay Introduction

If you are unsure of what words to use in your essay introduction, this article will give you some tips. These words set the tone for your paper. They convey the importance of the topic and support your main point. In addition, they set the order of the paper. Listed below are some examples of words that you can use. Read through the tips to find the right ones for your essay. There are many ways to start an essay introduction.

An introduction part should include a hook, which may be a relevant quotation, a question, or a piece of information that relates to your main topic. After you’ve chosen your hook, you should begin introducing the background of the story. You can also create a thesis statement, which is an outline of how your experience affected you and what you learned from it. Once your introduction is complete, you can begin writing.

A good quote can capture the attention of the reader. Remember that opening with a quotation works only if the quote is interesting and attention-grabbing. It’s important to use quotation marks to indicate that a specific person said the words. The goal of an attention-grabbing quote is to make the reader want to read more. In this case, you can use one or two quotes that are related to the topic. If your thesis is about an important issue or topic, you may want to start with a quote that will help your audience connect with the main idea.

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