What is the best way to educate someone?

In addition to imparting knowledge, education helps people understand their environment and culture. Sri Aurobindo believed that worldnewshunt education offers tools for living. Socrates said that it helps people become better people. And Aristotle believed that education develops a man’s mind.

Education should be about learning and amazinginfo exploring, not memorizing information and passing a memory test. It should also be about analyzing that knowledge in context and applying it. This should be the most important part of thewebgross education, and should be considered an indication of a person’s intelligence. Unfortunately, many schools fail to encourage this part of education. A lack of creativity and innovation can be just as detrimental as having poor knowledge.

Education began as a result of the magazineweb360 need to survive in a changing world. As civilizations developed, the need to pass along information and culture became imperative. The first civilizations flourished in fotolognews Mesopotamia and Egypt. Their cultures shared many impressive literary achievements. This made formal education and writing necessary for preserving those civilizations.

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