Types of cot mattresses

Cots are great for sleeping babies and toddlers. They give them their own space to rest. They can also be used as a bed for older children or adults who need personal space. Having the correct type of mattress is essential when choosing a cot. Many different styles are available today, including foam, pocket sprung, coir, memory foam, and rolled cot mattresses.


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Foam is a type of material used to make mattresses. It’s made from polyurethane, which is an entirely synthetic compound. Polyurethane foam is soft or firm, depending on the thickness and density of the mattress. Foam mattresses are suitable for people with allergies because they’re typically hypoallergenic; however, they are not as durable as other mattress types and may wear out faster than other materials, such as cotton or wool.

A foam mattress is a good choice for those that want a firm, supportive surface for their baby. The foam will contour to the shape of your baby’s body, providing support in all the right places. If you have an older child who enjoys jumping on their bed and jumping off again, this may not be the best mattress for them as it may compress under their weight over time.

Pocket spring

A pocket spring mattress has springs in a pocket made of steel. The springs are made of steel and covered in fabric before being placed into the mattress’s top layer. The springs are then covered with fabric and placed into the mattress to provide support.

Pocket spring beds offer more support than other beds, such as feather-down or latex foam mattresses.

Coir cot mattress

Coir is a natural fibre extracted from coconut husks, which has been used for centuries to make rope, twine and mattresses. It’s also hypoallergenic and mould resistant, making it great for babies with allergies.

Coir cot mattresses are made from natural materials like wool and cotton that are breathable and comfortable for your little one’s skin. They fit well into any nursery décor because they coordinate easily with linen bedding sets or other decorating styles.

Memory foam cot mattress

Memory foam is a kind of foam that can be moulded to your body shape. It’s excellent at distributing pressure and relieving pressure points, making it comfortable to sleep on.

Memory foam mattresses come in all different thicknesses, ranging from 6mm to 25mm. The thicker the memory foam mattress, the firmer it will feel.

Rolled cot mattress

A rolled cot mattress is made of foam or latex and is typically placed on the cot without being unrolled. This type of mattress may also include cotton, wool or other natural materials. The rolled model can be found in various sizes; however, some may require an additional bed frame to support its weight.

Currently, there are no federal regulations regarding the manufacture of rolled mattresses; therefore, their shape and size can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer and store to store.

With so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start. It is hoped that this guide has made things a little easier for you. If you want both safety and comfort, then it is recommended to buy an organic mattress or one with a high-quality cover that is free from flame-retardant chemicals. You can also use an organic cotton sheet or wool blanket over your baby’s mattress, which will provide extra warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

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