Things to keep in mind before customising a wedding suit

Australian wedding fashion is so beautiful and unique. Australian style of men’s wedding suit is exquisite, simple but not plain. When choosing a groom’s suit, you should remember that it must be in harmony with the bridal gowns. The wedding dress is a critical factor on this day, so choosing a good one for your big day is necessary. Wedding season is here again; being an Australian makes it mandatory to be looking to buy a new suit for your big day. Most Australian men have a tradition of getting their suits stitched by professionals that offer customisation, like mens wedding suits in Sydney. Are you going to go with the classic black tuxedo or do something more daring? Are there other colours that are better suited to your personality? And what about details like lapels and buttons? If all this wedding attire talk has confused you, don’t worry. Here’s a guide on what kind of questions you should ask yourself before customising a man’s wedding suit:

Lapel width

The size and shape of the coat dictate the lapel width of a suit jacket. Some rules apply to lapel width, but these can be broken if you have a specific style in mind. For example, if your groom wants a more modern look for his wedding suit, try changing the typical wide lapel width to something narrower, like 2-1/4″ or 3″.

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What are the different types of buttons for a jacket?

The most common is a buttonhole, consisting of two holes on the front of the garment where buttons are sewn. Buttons can be made from various materials, including metal or plastic, and may be covered with or made entirely from fabric. Fasteners vary depending on the type of button; some fasten with a hole that fits over another piece called a shank (see below), while others slide through the holes and fit into one another on either side when fastened together.

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A shank holds buttons together when they’re not being used – it’s basically like an extension cord that allows them to reach across your chest without being directly sewn onto each other!

What is the purpose and functionality of a vent in the back of the jacket?

A vent is a slit in the back of the jacket that allows for more significant movement and comfort. Venting can be incorporated into any suit but is especially common in tuxedos. As such, it’s essential to consider when choosing your wedding attire—significantly because this feature can add style and professionalism to your look!

Monograms and embroidery

Monograms and embroidery are two types of customisation that can be added to your wedding suit. This need should be communicated to the professional suitmaker. Many businesses in Australia customise suits based on the choice of the most appropriate mens wedding suits in Sydney.

Monograms are letters or symbols that are sewn onto clothing and accessories, often in a contrasting colour thread. They’re commonly used for initials, but they can also say something meaningful about you and your partner—for example, if one of the letters represents an acronym for one of your favourite things or a saying that describes where you met or got engaged. Monograms add character to any piece of clothing without distracting from its overall appearance.

You must ask yourself carefully what you want from your wedding suit before starting work on it.

A man’s wedding suit is an essential part of the day, so it should reflect who you are and the type of person your groom is.

It’s also vital that you find out exactly how much time you have before the big day – this can vary massively depending on where you’re living and where they’re getting married.

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