Should You Watch Charmed with Your Family?

Charmed is an incredible TV series that enjoys a cult following and popularity. It garnered approximately 7.7 million viewers in its first episode, making it one of the most-watched shows in the US. Gradually, its viewership grew. You can attribute this to the multiple lessons offered. The following are a few insights into why you should consider watching this show with your family.

Importance of Family and Unity

Suppose you want to instill a sense of family and unity in your family. In that case, watching Charmed would be an excellent idea. This show emphasizes the value of uniting as a family. According to the showrunner, Brad Kern, the writers pursued this lesson by highlighting multiple instances when the characters needed each other.

Throughout the show, the sisters fight evil and protect each other. The elder sister, Prue, often stood up for her sisters. She ensured they were okay and not affected by social, romantic, or mental issues. Protecting family and standing up for each other made maneuvering any problems that arose easier. funnyjok

Dealing With Loss and Grief

Grief and loss could sometimes be inevitable in the family. Understanding how to deal with these problems will often determine how steadfast the family members will be in the long run. Fortunately, the show illustrates how a family can handle grief and loss, making it worthwhile for you to watch with your family.

Undoubtedly, the remaining family members will be devastated by any loss. You can see this when Prue dies in the show. In this case, her younger sisters, Phoebe and Piper, had to make adjustments, including coming to terms with her departure. You’ll initially notice withdrawal, depression, anger, and resentment among the characters.

While the show portrays grief and loss as part of life, it also shows the family’s role in handling the problem. The writers showed that the family had to unite during these trying times. Their unity helped them maneuver their grief more effortlessly.

Love, Romance, and Heartbreaks

You have to be prepared for the best and the worst. This show talks about love and heartbreak in equal passion. For instance, you will appreciate the love Piper and Leo shared. Their love grew and remained steadfast in every turbulence. You could also look at how healthy Paige and Henry’s relationship was. thestyleplus

However, this show illustrates the chances of getting heartbroken. For instance, Piper was heartbroken when Leo became an elder. At the same time, Phoebe was unlucky in love, going through multiple romantic interests. Cole turned her down, and she eventually lost her power, posing some of the biggest heartbreaks in the show.

Love is complex. You can derive both pleasure and pain from it. While its embers of joy are addictive, you must be wary of what happens when the passion is gone. With this, you will be prepared for any outcome in the long run.

Charmed is a charming TV show that you should watch with your family. It offers multiple life lessons that will change your view of things. Above all, it is entertaining and captivating.

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