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Magnetic Fencing For Your Retractable Screen Door

If you have a retractable screen door, consider installing magnetic mesh fencing. This will keep bugs out while giving you access to fresh air and natural breezes. Magnetic mesh fencing is easy to install and remove. There are no special tools needed for installation. Because each magnet is sewn into the mesh, it will last for up to five years. It is easy to clean and maintain. The magnetic strips attach with push pins or hook and loop.

Most magnetic screen doors are easy to install and require no tools. However, they will not work with retractable or roll-up screens. Screen doors can also be installed on the stove or refrigerator. These handy devices are sure to capture the hearts of many people and make wonderful gifts. While these magnetic screen doors can be installed on any metal surface, they must be aligned so that they can be properly anchored to the doorframe.

Magnetic screen doors come in a wide variety of sizes. You should choose a size that fits the door frame. French doors are best fitted with magnetic screen doors. Magnetic screen doors are made of high-density polyester mesh and include a full-frame hook-and-loop design. The magnets in the center seam are strong, so you should not worry about them breaking. Moreover, magnetic screen doors come with adhesive tape and are reasonably priced.

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