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Can I Get Fiber Internet in My Apartment?

Can I get fiber internet in my apartment? It is possible if you live in an area that has good coverage for fiber internet providers. Usually, fiber internet providers are offered in about 50% of urban areas. These companies offer fast internet speeds at affordable prices. Besides, there are some advantages of this type of internet connection. For one thing, it doesn’t cause any interference with other devices. Secondly, it provides you with better connection speeds.

Usually, homes do not have fiber internal wiring. It terminates in a telco box outside and is then fed into a media converter to make it compatible with ethernet. If your apartment is prewired, the fiber will have an RJ45 network plug, which is usually located in the mechanical or electrical closet. If it is not, the fiber is most likely in an electrical closet. If you have to do it yourself, make sure you know the location of the fiber before you begin.

Unlike cable or DSL, fiber internet is faster than its counterparts. The speed of download and upload is significantly higher, allowing you to do much more with your computer. Upload speeds are vital for social media postings and video conferencing. Also, more people are working from home these days. This means that some internet providers struggle to handle the remote traffic. Fiber internet solves this problem because it has higher data capacity than conventional broadband.

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