4 things to consider before choosing undergarments for women

Most women only think about undergarments once they need a new pair. When that time comes, it’s essential to consider your activity level and body type to find the right fit and style. Pick your favourite colours and styles—they should be comfortable, support your body well, and look great under your clothes. If you are baffled about choosing the right underwear, the following tips will guide you.

Know your size

Knowing your size is one of the most critical steps in choosing undergarments. Before shopping, you must take an honest inventory of what you already own and what size fits best. If you haven’t yet done so recently, check the size chart for your favourite brands to ensure there haven’t been any changes. If you need help deciding which size to purchase, try a few different sizes until you find one that works. If all else fails and you still need help figuring out what size works best for your body type or how many inches around your waist (or whatever other measurement applies), ask someone who knows about these things for help!

Check the material

The material of your undergarments is crucial because it determines how comfortable you will be. The most common materials are cotton, silk and polyester. Each has its advantages:

  • Cotton is the most breathable material and, therefore, the easiest on sensitive skin. It also absorbs moisture well, so it’s suitable for everyday use. However, it doesn’t last as long as other fabrics because of its porous nature (the holes in the material).
  • Silk is very soft to the touch and great for sensitive skin but expensive compared to other materials. It can be made into stretchy or non-stretchy panties, so make sure you look at both types when shopping around; if you’re going for comfort over everything else, then go with a pair made from 100% silk (that means no other fibres mixed in).
  • Polyester isn’t as breathable as cotton but much more durable than any other fabric today; this means better quality undergarments for longer-lasting comfort! You’ll find that most quality brands blend these two materials, making them perfect for everyday wear because they’re not too hot or heavy like pure cotton undergarments might get after a while.

Consider the colour

Women have their personal preferences when it comes to undergarments style and colour, but some universal truths can help you choose a pair that works with your personality:

  • Colour can affect mood.
  • Colour can make you look younger or older.
  • The right shade of undergarments can change how you feel about yourself.

Pay attention to the rise

It’s essential to pay attention to the rise when you’re shopping for undergarments. The rise is the distance from the waistband to the crotch, so higher rises mean more coverage and lower rises mean less. If you want something thong-like or boyshorts-like, with no junk in between, go for an excellent low cut; if your butt hangs out when you bend over too far (or if you feel fantastic showing it off), go with something that exposes more of your cheeks. Regardless of how much junk gets packed into your trunk, make sure that any undergarments purchase has at least an inch of fabric above your belly button; otherwise, it’ll ride up to places where it shouldn’t be!


With so many options, the best way to choose underwear is to try them on and see what feels good. If you want a pair of undergarments that’s comfortable and sexy at the same time, consider going with a soft lace thong or bikini. Wear cotton briefs in neutral colours like black or white for everyday wear.

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